Imagine if you had cash in the bank for emergencies, lived a debt-free lifestyle, and became outrageously generous. It’ll take some work to get there, but we believe you can! Start your path to financial freedom and begin to live and give the way you’ve dreamed about.
Now more than ever, we realize how important it is to have our finances in order and understand what it means to have a financial plan that is based upon sound Biblical principles. That’s why South Coast Church has invested in a program called Ramsey+. Together, we’ll learn what it means to be good stewards of all God has given us.

The program is absolutely free to our church and it is our gift to you because we firmly believe that having financial peace and living a lifestyle of generosity is possible even during uncertain times like these. Follow these simple steps to take your first step towards Financial Freedom!


These tools are designed to help you build a budget, dump debt, grow your wealth, and leave money stress behind. Each lesson is based on biblical wisdom and common sense. Login to your Ramsey+ account and keep track of your progress!


“FPU put financial freedom into very small, practical steps. With the help of Dave and his program, my wife and I have paid off over $30,000 of debt in a little over a year. It takes hard, disciplined work, but with the right tools and a solid budget, any number can be conquered!”
— Stef and Lindsey J.
“I can afford to be generous without worry since we know and plan where our money goes.”
— Beth S.
“Since taking the class, we have been able to pay in cash for a year of grad school—more specifically, a doctorate degree. We have no credit card debt and have enough savings for another year of school. We are so thankful to be able to live financially free and not have to worry about where the money comes from!”
— Allie and Matt G.