Christmas at the Movies: Christmas Vacation

We wrap up our Christmas at the Movies series with the classic Christmas comedy, Christmas Vacation. We are talking about expectation. Whether we are prepared in our hearts for the expectation of the Savior or whether we are discouraged because something hasn’t met our expectations, this was a great word to wrap up our Christmas series.

Christmas at the Movies: It’s a Wonderful Life

We continue our Christmas at the Movies series with the classic, It’s a Wonderful Life. The lessons George Bailey learned 70 years ago are just as powerful and impactful for us today. He struggled with discouragement, we do and the early church did too. Listen in to see how we can overcome one of the darkest, most sinister forces we experience as humans.

Christmas at the Movies: Elf

We begin a new series called Christmas At The Movies where we are taking some of everyone’s favorite Christmas movies and finding the gospel in them. In this first movie message we discuss the importance of our identity and understanding who we are. Enjoy as we kick it all off with a man who wears yellow tights! Elf!