Ruth: Chapter 4

Today we finish up Ruth Chapter 4. In Ruth 4, we see the glorious finish of the the book of Ruth. In this book we are reminded of the God that never forgets and the God who always fulfills. You do not want to miss the last chapter in this amazing little book.

Ruth: Chapter 3

Today, we discuss one of the more strange chapters in the Bible between Ruth & Naomi. Naomi instructs Ruth to go “lay at Boaz feet.” What are we to make of this? We also see the remarkable way that Boaz deals with Naomi. If you have ever felt forgotten or overlooked then listen in and you will be reminded of God’s everlasting love for you.

Ruth: Chapter 2

Today, we dive into Ruth Chapter 2. The gospel begins to unfold beautifully in this chapter. Listen to see how this “chance” meeting will alter both of their lives forever and what we can learn in today’s cultural climate about the dignity of women and how they should be treated.

Ruth: Chapter 1

We kick off our series on Ruth where we explore an amazing woman who showed remarkable faith and loyalty in a moment where she had every reason to not show either. Listen to this series to see how her decisions affected generations to come!