Lenses: Hurricane Irma

Today, we continue our Lenses series for one more week after Hurricane Irma. Natural disasters are a part of life and it is important that we as followers of Christ know how to respond when they happen. Listen in to P. Ross as he shares some important reflections concerning how we should view natural disasters.

Lenses: A Covenant Life

We wrap up our Lenses series with a powerful message about a big issue in our culture. We live through a lens in our world where we just get up and leave relationships so easily. Scripture has a different idea about how we should conduct ourselves. Listen in to see why this is such a vital part of our spiritual vitality and life.

Lenses: A Secure Future

Today we are in Part 3 of our series called Lenses. P. Ross gives us several questions to ask before making big decisions in our lives concerning our future. You will not want to miss this message. It will be really helpful in helping us engage tough decisions concerning our future in a Biblical manner.

Lenses: A Satisfied Present – A discussion on race

We continue our Lenses series with a powerful message about race in America and how to look at it through a Biblical lens. There are so many competing messages from our culture about how we should view our current state of affairs. Listen in to learn not only a biblical view concerning race, but also how to make decisions about anything that we face in our lives.

Prayer for Charlottesville

There were some troublesome events that have transpired last week in Charlottesville, VA. We took a few moments in our service to talk about them and pray for racial reconciliation in our nation.

Lenses: A Sanctified Past

We kick off a new series called Lenses! We all make thousands of decision every single day and the events that have happened in our lives up until now, color how we see everything. There are three crucial areas that we need to have new lenses to see the world correctly. The first lens that has to be changed is that our past needs to be sanctified to make healthy decisions. Today, listen in on how to take the first step to making healthy decisions in our lives!