Nehemiah: Chapter 13

We finish up the book of Nehemiah today! We recap and talk about the importance of God ordained dreams in our lives. Nehemiah’s dream changed a city and a people. What dreams has God put in your heart to do? Don’t ever underestimate a dream and the power of simple obedience.

Nehemiah: Chapter 11 & 12

We tackle two chapters, Nehemiah 11 & 12 and listen about how what we praise affects our entire view point of life. The people of God chose to praise after a difficult season, when we do the same it changes everything.

Nehemiah: Chapter 10

In Nehemiah 10 we examine the signs of true repentance from the people of Israel. Much has been accomplished up to this point externally and now God is changing their hearts on the inside. Listen to learn how to truly love people and to understand and live out the gospel.

Nehemiah: Chapter 9

Today, we dive into Nehemiah 9 and learn why history is important and what we can learn from fallen, troubled, biblical characters and how understanding the majesty of God is the most important thing you will ever understand in your entire life.

Nehemiah: Chapter 8

This week we have a guest speaker. Anaridia Burgos takes us through Nehemiah Chapter 8. Listen in for an inspiration message on how to encourage yourself in Jesus!

Nehemiah: Chapter 7

This week Pastor Ross talks about Enlisting Leadership, Establishing Citizenship, and Encouraging Worship. Listen in to learn how Nehemiah applied these principles and how you can also apply them in your own life.

Nehemiah: Chapter 6

How do we handle difficult situations in our lives? Nehemiah faced a barrage and onslaught of different challenges and obstacles and gave us a blueprint of how to handle these types of situations. We learn leadership, character and finding our passion for God, just in Chapter 6! Enjoy!

Nehemiah: Chapter 5

When the enemy can’t defeat us from the outside, he tries to attack us from the inside. He comes after our unity as a people. This was no different in Nehemiah’s day. The more privileged and wealthy were coming after the poor and taking advantage of them. Find out how to fight for our unity and fulfill the purposes of God in our generation!

Nehemiah: Chapter 4

This week we open up Nehemiah Chapter 4. Every person experiences opposition in their lives and Nehemiah was no different. While he was leading the people of God to rebuild the wall, he experienced things like ridicule, confusion and fear. Learn how Nehemiah overcame those things and how we too can overcome the obstacles in our lives that prevent us from fulfilling the purposes of God.

Nehemiah: Chapter 3

Today, we explore Chapter 3 of Nehemiah where we look at the significance of each of the city gates around Jerusalem and how our engagement and involvement in the church is vital to helping build it for the glory of God.