The Four E’s: Empower

We wrap up our series called the 4 E’s where we are talking about the 4th E, Empower. We focus on “how” God empowers which is in community and in relationship to other people. Listen in and get empowered!

The Four E’s: Equip

Join us as we discuss the 3rd E, Equip, in our 4 E’s series. If you are a follower of Christ, you are actually much more equipped than you think you are. Listen in and find out how you can have a bigger impact for the kingdom by understanding your identity in Christ.

Four E’s: Establish

In the second week of The 4 E’s, we talk Establish and why you cannot get established in a relationship with God outside of the help of other people. Listen in and hear some of the heart of SouthCoast and some vision of where we are going!

The Four E’s: Engage

Today we kick off our brand new series called “The 4 E’s” where we are talking about the first E. How to Engage the culture and the people in our lives to bring them to church and into a relationship with Christ. Let’s create a movement!